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How to See What’s Actually Inside Your Mutual Fund

Warren Buffett has made a reputation for himself as the world’s greatest investor, and he’s a big fan of index funds. Funds are basically one big investment made up of a bunch of individual ones. If you’re into lazy, set-and-forget investing, you’re familiar with them. But how do you find out exactly what’s in your…Read […]

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How to Save for Your Kid’s College and Still Live

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Each Monday we’ll tackle one of your pressing personal finance questions by asking a handful of money experts for their advice. If you have a general question or money concern, or just want to talk about something PeFi-related, leave it in the comments or email me at…Read more… Continue […]

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How to Afford a House When You’re Spending All Your Money on Avocado Toast

If you’re a millennial and having trouble saving up for a home, Australian millionaire Tim Gurner has some simple advice for you: stop eating so much avocado toast. You’ll never be able to save for a home that way. Read more… Continue Reading at

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