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What to Do When You Need $100, Fast 

A new poll from Bloomberg suggests that almost half of Americans would have a hard time affording a $100 emergency, like a speeding ticket, medical bill, or other unexpected expense. Consider the idea that maybe this says less about the financial habits of Americans than it does our garbage economy.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Afford a House When You’re Spending All Your Money on Avocado Toast

If you’re a millennial and having trouble saving up for a home, Australian millionaire Tim Gurner has some simple advice for you: stop eating so much avocado toast. You’ll never be able to save for a home that way. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Focusing on the Value of Your Time Can Stress You Out

 Calculating the value of your time can be useful for making money decisions, like how long it’ll take you to pay for that new gadget you want—but there’s a downside to it, too. Turns out, the old “time is money” adage can stress you out.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Money Advice I Wish I Learned Sooner  

Remember last week, when I asked y’all what money advice you wish you would’ve gotten sooner? You shared some great answers, but many of you said it wasn’t about when you got the advice, it was more about when you decided to actually take it.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Are Meal Kits Really Cheaper Than Groceries?

Blue Apron claims the grocery store is “70 percent more expensive” than its service. Home Chef cites a TV news investigation that found a slight savings over groceries. But then I look in my meal kit and see I spent $20 for each meal that barely feeds two people. What gives?Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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