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Two Satellites Could Smash Into Each Other Over the U.S. Tonight

A pair of decommissioned satellites are at risk of colliding later today, potentially producing hundreds if not thousands of new pieces of space debris. Regardless of what happens, however, this incident illustrates our dire need for sensible space management practices. Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Air Force’s Robotic Spaceplane Returns After Nearly 800 Days in Orbit

The U.S. Air Force’s X-37B returned to Earth this week after more than two years in orbit. The unmanned space plane keeps breaking records, this time spending 780 days circling the planet before gliding to a stop at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The spacecraft is a key part of the Pentagon’s plans for […]

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Earth’s Low Orbit Needs Legal Protection Before It Becomes a Cosmic Junkyard

The area immediately above our planet where most of our satellites live might seem like an inexhaustible place, but it’s not. Low Earth orbit is quickly filling up with all sorts of junk, and the potential for a disaster has never been greater. Here’s how laws and international treaties can help—and why we need to…Read […]

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Watch SpaceX’s Second Attempt to Launch Experimental Internet Satellites Live Right Here [Updating]

SpaceX is set to launch a pair of experimental internet mini-satellites after yesterday’s launch was cancelled due to high winds. You can watch today’s launch of the Falcon 9 live right here starting at 9:00 a.m. Eastern (6:00 a.m. Pacific).Read more… Continue Reading at

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Astronomers Say Giant Disco Ball in Space Is Bad for Science

This past Sunday, rocket startup Rocket Lab launched a three-foot-wide mirror ball into orbit. Called “Humanity Star,” it’s supposed to remind us that we’re all puny specks of dust living in the terrifying vastness of the Universe. Some astronomers have spoken out about the stunt, claiming the sparkly object will…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Watch NASA Launch Its Shiny New JPSS-1 Weather Satellite

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration launched the Joint Polar Satellite System-1, the first in a “series of four highly advanced polar-orbiting satellites,” NASA announced on Saturday, with the agencies touting they expect significant improvements to their weather-forecasting abilities when…Read more… Continue Reading at

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