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Shape Your Breakfast Sausage to Fit Your Bread

If you’re making a McMuffin-type breakfast sandwich, a circular sausage patty makes sense. But say you want your breakfast sandwich on toast—what then? A sausage circle leaves the corners un-sausaged, and I don’t think anyone here wants to start their day with un-sausaged corners. (Plus, some of those pre-shaped…Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Build a Better Tuna Sandwich

The tuna sandwich will never go out of style, because it was never stylish to begin with. It’s humble, even homely, yet intensely comforting and nostalgic. Tuna salad itself consists of three main components—canned tuna, mayonnaise and some sort of ingredient that’s meant to bring contrast—and the success of your…Read more… Continue Reading at

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We Should Eat Cranberry Sauce All Year

Cranberry sauce serves a vital function on Thanksgiving. Without it, salt and fat would dominate your palate, and your mouth would quickly become oversaturated with rich, savory flavors. Cranberry sauce cuts through all that, and our meal is the better for it. But why confine the sweet and tangy condiment to one day?…Read more… Continue […]

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How to make Francesinha, the Portuguese sandwich blessed by Anthony Bourdain

On a recent trip to Portugal, Porto stole my heart. I spent my nights traversing its narrow alleys, tall bridges, and challenging staircases. It’s a beautiful city with approachable, down-to-earth culinary roots. Seemingly every restaurant in the city does a version of Francesinha, making it the city’s loosely…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Your Breakfast Sandwich Needs Pickles

Breakfast sandwiches are a deeply personal affair. The classic combination of meat, cheese, egg, and bread is infinitely variable, with everything from one’s preferred egg doneness to regional processed meat delicacies contributing to each person’s ideal version. Personal preferences aside, most people would probably…Read more… Continue Reading at

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