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Corn Is A Menace On Rural Roadways

Much of middle America is covered in waving fields of corn by the time August hits, but these lovely 8-foot tall shimmering seas of delicious future high-fructose syrup hold a dark side (besides childhood obesity) as cornfields can make traversing rural roads incredibly hazardous. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Figure Out the Safest Place to Shelter During a Tornado With This Graphic

Though peak tornado season is technically April through June in the United States, the cyclones can happen at other parts of the year. If you grew up somewhere prone to tornadoes, you probably had tornado drills alongside fire drills at school, and learned how to find and take shelter during a bad storm. But school…Read […]

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How to Judge Whether Your School District Is Doing Enough

I keep waiting for that moment when the image of what school will look like this fall goes from murky as hell to something at least sort of visible. In-person schooling comes with a huge community health risk. All-digital learning is difficult for some students and impossible for others. And some combination of the…Read more… […]

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