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Get a first look at the ‘Stranger Things’ season two soundtrack

With just two weeks remaining in the countdown to Stranger Things season two, the soundtrack’s masterminds have added to the excitement with the release of an inaugural track off the forthcoming soundtrack, due out Oct. 20.Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who make up S U R V I V E, have released “Walkin’ in Hawkins” on […]

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Warp the ‘Stranger Things’ theme with this online synth site

As excitement escalates for the release of season two of Stranger Things in just a few weeks, one fan has taken his or her enthusiasm to the next level.Someone has created a website called Synthier Things that only plays the Netflix show’s arpeggiated theme, but it allows for the site visitor to warp the synths to their heart’s […]

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S U R V I V E wins Emmy for ‘Stranger Things’ theme

The 69th Annual Emmy Awards honored the best in U.S. prime time television last night, honoring series that ran from June 1, 2016, through May 31, 2017. While it was expected Stranger Things was going to sweep its respective categories — the show was nominated for 18 awards — it, in turn, won five Creative Emmys.Among […]

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Tune into day 3 of Movement with DA & Red Bull – S U R V I V E, The Gaslamp Killer, and Danny Brown

Movement is sadly coming to an end, but that in no way means its last day is lacking in quality musicians. Red Bull returns once again to its RBMA stage to stream the final day of action for those spending their Mondays at home.In conjuction with us here at Dancing Astronaut, Red Bull is giving […]

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Soul, synths, and spoken word in the Arizona desert: experience FORM Arcosanti’s opening day

FORM Arcosanti is the festival, if you can even call it that, of the future. Carved into a stone bluff above Arizona’s Agua Fria riverbed, Paolo Soleri’s artistic urban atrium once again plays host to Hundred Waters‘ annual creative congregation. It’s a singular ambiance that feels somewhat misrepresented when included in the “music festival” blanket […]

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