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Meet The Quiet Japanese Tuner Who Makes Your Old Mercedes Sound Like An F1 Car

In the city of Kawasaki, south of Tokyo, you’ll be lucky to find a nondescript garage. There’s no signage, branding, or any indication that magic happens here. This is Technical Garage Sasaki, home to the man behind Brilliant Exhaust, one of the wildest exhaust tuners anywhere in the world.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Mercedes S-Class On A Russian ‘GAZ’ Frame Is The Off-Road Frankenstein The World Needs

A diamond plating-covered, Mercedes S-Class sitting tall on a Russian GAZ frame would be a total abomination if it weren’t so damn cool. Just watch this off-road beast—made up of a smorgasbord of parts from various cars—make Jeeps look downright pathetic. Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Mercedes-Maybach Isn’t Expensive Enough

No, this isn’t a post written by someone else. This is me, just me, so hear me out. Here goes: I think, based on Mercedes-Benz’s current lineup, the Maybach variants are too cheap. Mercedes is not charging enough money for them. And it’s not OK. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Having Driven The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, I No Longer Care For Other Vehicles

There exists the implication that if you are driving a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you are in something that is—at least on a few levels—the very best car in the world at the time it was produced. It’s the S-Class’s entire raison d’être, or whatever the hell that is in German. There are other luxury flagship sedans […]

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