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Stick On Some Distressed Wood Wallpaper For Just $21

Add over 28 square feet of rustic charm to your space with this distressed wood peel-and-stick wallpaper. It can be easily put up and easily removed without damaging your walls, which makes this stuff perfect for apartments. Today’s price is just a few cents away from its all-time low, so go ahead and stick away.Read […]

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How to Explain to the People You Live With That You’re Working

“You get to work from home? That’s awesome!” That’s what they all say to you. You nod and grimace because you know, while it is nice to skip the commute and avoid office politics, working from home comes with its own set of challenges. Namely, you know how difficult it is to make people understand […]

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How to Get Your Roommate (or Partner) to Do More Chores

It’s just common sense that in order to keep peace in your household, chores should be split evenly between the people who live there. Whether you share chores with roommates, a partner, or both, this two prong approach will get them to do more chores without a fight.Read more… Continue Reading at

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