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Toyota Doesn’t Know What To Do With The Land Cruiser In The U.S.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is reportedly dead in the U.S. after the current generation has trucked through the last 12 years on sale, mostly unchanged. Letting go isn’t easy, though, and reports indicate Toyota is now trying to figure out what, exactly, a modern Land Cruiser should be for the model to make a future…Read […]

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Rare Gokus Possibly Lost At Sea After Major Shipping Accident

Goku collectors are left wondering what fate awaits their beautiful sons after a bad storm caused the massive One Apus container ship to potentially lose over $200 million worth of cargo in the Pacific Ocean northwest of Hawaii late last month. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Mazdaspeed Is Really Truly Once-And-For-All Dead, For Real This Time

Mazda’s efforts to shift upmarket have been critically successful. But commercially they are, well, less than ideal. Mind you, in 2020 “less than ideal” seems to be the baseline for practically every automaker, so we won’t knock the company for that. What we will knock them for, however, is leaving Mazdaspeed behind.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Ford Is Killing Off The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. Sometimes It’s Okay To Cry

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is the best new sports car that I’ve ever driven when evaluated on a per-dollar basis. Viscerally, it’s an absolute powerhouse of sensory stimulation that makes the world a better place with each degree that rev needle climbs. Sadly, this magnificent beast is getting the ax this fall. And…Read more… […]

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Official: Americans Won’t Be Able To Buy Mercedes’ Best Car

There is no car in the country that signifies wealth more succinctly than running errands in a Mercedes E-Class wagon. Nor is there anything more simply comfortable than road tripping in an S-Class sedan. But for pure luxury, you do not beat the S-Class coupe. Or, you didn’t.Read more… Continue Reading at

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