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You Can Make These Smoky, Sous-Vide Ribs Without a Grill or Smoker

As someone who lives in a tiny studio apartment, I don’t get to do a lot of grilling, smoking, or any other outdoor cooking. This makes me very sad, because I do love smoked and grilled meats. (Grilled vegetables are also fantastic, but we’re not talking about those right now.) Fortunately, a sous vide setup—which […]

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Ribs for your pleasure, from Head Smokeboy Drew Magary

Earlier this year I bought a smoker and became obsessed with it, as dads are prone to doing. I spent all summer overcooking and undercooking meats of various sizes and unctuousness. I fiddled with the dampers endlessly. I toyed with the idea of getting a WiFi-enabled smoker fan (to control the temperature from the…Read more… […]

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Turn Your Summer Blueberry Bounty Into a Sweet and Savory BBQ Sauce

Welcome back to Sunday Sustenance! Last week, the culinary culmination of our trip back through time resulted in delicious dippable decadence, and dozens of displeased dentists. Let’s get back to the present. The biggest of American BBQ holidays is here, and you need a ringer. You could stick with the same old burgers…Read more… Continue […]

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