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Trump, Who Has Told Over 1000 Documented Lies, “Surprised” by “Dishonest” Media

President Trump, a man who has now told well over 1,000 documented lies since he took office in January, was recently caught out lying about donating money to the father of a fallen soldier, and is so dishonest his entire administration works 24/7 to walk back his lies, is apparently shocked at the …Continue reading […]

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IQ Tests Can’t Prove Whether Trump (or Anyone Else) Has a Very Good Brain

In recent days our Secretary of State has called the President a “fucking moron.” The President retorted that he believes he has the higher IQ score. But both are hiding behind faulty intelligence measures instead of saying how they really feel.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Teddy Roosevelt Threatens to Enter the Mortal Realm In Order to ‘Thrash’ Trump Over I.Q. Test Challenge

Celestial Sources report that upon hearing the news that the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump called for an “I.Q. Test” against his own Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the spiritual material that was the former President Teddy Roosevelt flung his flask against the wall of his …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Yes, President Trump Challenged Rex Tillerson to an IQ Test Because We’re All Screwed

My first response to the news this morning that the man child residing in the White House pretending to be president challenged his own goddamn Secretary of State to an IQ test was one of utter resignation. When is this madness going to end? What does this man have to do to get removed from […]

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Rex Tillerson is No Patriot

Rex Tillerson is destroying the State Department. This is indisputable. He is leaving key positions unfilled. He is refusing to consult with the hundreds of experts at his disposal with decades of experience. He is eliminating entire sections within the State Department, forcing career employees …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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It’s Time We Admitted That Rex Tillerson is Working for Russia

On Tuesday, word came down that Christopher Painter was pushed out of his job at the State Department. You’d be forgiven for not knowing who Painter is since his job, while critically important, was a bit too abstract for the general public to care about:Painter, the coordinator for cyber …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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