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Use Your American Express Rewards Points For an Amazon Discount

If you’re an American Express Membership Rewards cardholder, you might be able to save money with the points you’ve earned. Eligibility varies, but according to Slick Deals, there’s a possibility of getting 20 percent off your purchases on Amazon by paying for them with Amex points. Here’s how.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Rethink Rewards When Teaching Kids About Good Behavior

Every parent has offered incentives: “If you’re patient while I get the tires rotated, we’ll get ice cream afterwards.” Or, “if you play nicely with your cousin, you can use the iPad before dinner.” Teachers certainly have used behavior rewards for time out of mind—a piece of candy or a small toy for being compliant…Read […]

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Shopkick Lets You Earn Shopping Rewards Without the Extra Effort

If you’re going to spend money, you might as well earn rewards while you’re at it. I’ve never been a fan of scanning receipts or traveling through shopping portals to score points, though, which is why Shopkick is one of my favorite apps for earning rewards.Read more… Continue Reading at

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White British Lord Sentenced To 3 Months In Prison For Mocking Colored Guyanese Woman

The West has reached a stage in its decline at which private individuals are able to criminalize other private individuals by taking offence at them. The obvious problem with this is that, although practically anyone can find someone to offend them for some reason, only those who are reputable and within reach of the law […]

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