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Steve Aoki puts down the cake, launches new Pizzaoki restaurant in LA

Pastry hurling international dance icon Steve Aoki has decided to temporarily halt the on-stage cake throwing gimmick and pick up the dough roller. The 40-year superstar DJ/producer has just announced the opening of Pizzaoki in his hometown of Los Angeles. As the son of Benihana’s founder, who once told Yahoo Finance he has never received a […]

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Gordon Ramsay was once asked to use cocaine as a garnish

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has spilled the beans on a not-so-kept secret — cocaine use is rife in the restaurant industry. During an interview with Radio Times in anticipation of his upcoming documentary about the drug, Ramsay divulged that he was once asked by diners and a charity event to use the class A drug as a garnish.“When […]

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