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F1 Driver Learned His Race Team Was Replacing Him By Reading It On The Internet

Some of us have jobs on the internet, and therefore, critical communication online is normal. But no matter the job, most would probably tell you it’s better to hear the really important things, like, oh, you’ve been fired, straight from the bosses rather than reading it in an article along with everyone else.Read more… Continue […]

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Red Bull Loses Renault Engines After 2018 But Aston Martin Might Take Renault’s Place

Renault will drop Red Bull as an F1 engine customer after 2018, reports Auto Motor und Sport. While that stoked fears that Red Bull might be saddled with Honda as their only engine option, Red Bull hinted to Sky Sports that they have “existing relationship” with a motor manufacturer who can hook them up in […]

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Carlos Sainz Jr. Gets Loaned To Renault For A Year To Smooth Over F1’s Big Engine Deal

Standout Toro Rosso driver (which isn’t hard to do alongside Daniil Kvyat) Carlos Sainz Jr. will be loaned out to Renault for 2018, the team confirmed today. Sainz’s loan to Renault is widely believed to be the deal that let Toro Rosso end their power unit supply contract with Renault early, so naturally, it was…Read […]

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McLaren Finally Confirms They’re Dropping Honda For Renault In F1

For the past three years, Honda has been like the scumbag boyfriend of Formula One. Oooooooh, girllllllll. You’re still with him? He always promises to do so much, but like, never does it. I can’t believe you haven’t kicked his lazy butt to the curb yet! Good news, everyone: McLaren finally announced their split from…Read […]

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Toro Rosso Will Get McLaren’s Honda Engines, Lose Best Driver In Big F1 Trade: Reports

McLaren may have finally found a way out of its bum Formula One engine deal with Honda, but it’s probably coming at the expense of Toro Rosso, according to multiple reports. Toro Rosso and McLaren will swap engine suppliers, but Toro Rosso’s best driver Carlos Sainz Jr. will be moving to Renault as a result. […]

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Renault And Nissan Plants Hit By Massive Ransomware Attack

French auto giant Renault became the first major French company to report being affected by Friday’s ransomware attack that affected tens of thousands of computers in almost 100 countries across the world, reports Automotive News. An English plant of Renault’s alliance partner Nissan was also hit by the attack. Read more… Continue Reading at

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