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Bantercast Episode 28: Charles Eisenstein And The Origin Of Wrongness In The World

In this thought provoking episode of The Bantercast, Ben and Michael talk with famed author and speaker Charles Eisenstein about the growing identity crisis we are facing in the West. What is the origin of wrongness in the world? How can we live more meaningful lives, and what can we do to fulfill …Continue reading […]

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Banter Cast Episode 26: Teresa Yung, Shaman In The Making (Part 1)

On today’s show, Ben and Michael talk with the amazing Teresa Yung, a teacher who aims to share indigenous medicines of the world and promote spiritual growth and connection. Amongst many topics, we discuss the current political climate, whether we ‘manifested’ Donald Trump in order to deal with …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Bantercast Episode 24: How to Choose a Religion

In today’s show, Ben and Michael discuss how to choose a religion. Are you interested in Buddhism? Does Christianity make sense to you? Do you even need a religion in the first place, and why isn’t atheism enough? We grapple with the deep questions and help you figure out which (if any) spiritual …Continue reading […]

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