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The Lonely Nostalgia YouTube Playlist

The New Yorker ran a story yesterday about the emotional experience of listening to a tinny version of Toto’s “Africa” on YouTube. The popular video simulates the sound of hearing the pop song echoing through an empty shopping mall. The piece nails the song’s effect:Read more… Continue Reading at

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DJ Mustard Remixes Lil Uzi Vert, Childish Gambino & Khalid in New EP, ‘Don’t Box Me In’

While DJ Mustard is known for his incredible producing abilities, many may not be to familiar with his actual DJing roots. Today, he gives fans a refresher course with the release of a new 3-pack EP, properly-titled, ‘Don’t Box Me In’. ‘Don’t Box Me In’ showcases his EDM passion as he creatively remixes a trio […]

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Listen to Wiz Khalifa’s Version of Childish Gambino Hit “Redbone”, “Stay Stoned”

Wiz Khalifa is back to follow up his Drake-inspired weedmix “Passit” with a KK injected remix of his own to the popular to Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” titled, “Stay Stoned”. In support of his new weed app, ‘Weed Farm’ and his highly-anticipated upcoming sequel EP, ‘Rolling Papers 2’. Wiz gets very personal on this remix as […]

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