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This $35 USB Charging Hub Includes a 45W USB-C Port For Your Laptop or Nintendo Switch

Yawn, another multi-port USB charger, right? Well, this one happens to include a USB-C Power Delivery port rated for up to 45W, the most we’ve seen on a charging hub like this. That’s enough power to charge a Nintendo Switch, a MacBook, or even a MacBook Pro (albeit somewhat slower than its included 61W charger). […]

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Access Flash Drives and SD Cards On Your Phone With RAVPower’s Filehub

Right now, you can save $5 on RAVPower’s Filehub, which is actually two travel-friendly devices in one: A 3,000mAh USB battery pack, and a media streamer that can let you access files on USB flash drives and SD cards wirelessly from your phone or tablet. That’s perfect for, say, watching movies on a plane when […]

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Portable Battery Packs For Your Laptop Are Finally a Reality

You probably own at least one USB battery pack to keep your phone and tablet charged up during long trips, but what about AC-powered electronics like your laptop, or your camera battery? As it turns out, there’s a battery pack that can charge those too, if you can find space in your bag.Read more… Continue […]

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