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Automakers Need to Stop Doing This Sneaky Pricing Trick on Their Websites

When it comes to deciding on a new car, price isn’t everything. But it’s a big one. Almost everyone researches car online and even use an automaker’s website to configure a car with the options and features they want before going into the dealer. The problem is that some brands are a little bit sneaky […]

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Dump Your Nasty Junk Drawer in the Garbage

You know that disgusting drawer full of random ketchup packets, receipts, rubber bands and other assorted crap dumped from your pockets or purse at the end of the day? Some people call it the Junk Drawer. Others call it the Everything Drawer, or the Odds and Ends Drawer or simply “That Drawer.” I call it […]

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An Entire Generation Is Missing One of The Great Joys of Being a Car Enthusiast

This generation has been losing out a lot on manual transmissions. Fewer and fewer cars come with them. Fewer and fewer drivers know how to use them. But there’s another joy that’s fading away: the satisfaction of seeing a car parked across the street, walking over, looking in the window and discovering that the car…Read […]

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