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NASCAR Has A Choice To Make

Former Chip Ganassi Racing NASCAR driver Kyle Larson was suspended in April for using a racial slur on an open radio channel during an online racing event. His suspension from NASCAR coincided with a suspension from his CGR team and the loss of his McDonalds and Credit One sponsorship deals. Following an interview…Read more… Continue […]

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The Simpsons and Family Guy Will Also Recast Their Black Characters With Black Actors

The animation industry is currently going through a small reckoning as it finally, finally, really, finally seems to realize that its characters of color could be voiced by actors of color just as easily as white ones.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Noose Found In Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR Garage Has Been Hanging Since Last Year: FBI

The FBI investigation into the noose found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage last weekend has concluded that the noose had been hanging in the garage since at least October of 2019, long before anyone could have known Wallace would be assigned that garage for last weekend’s race. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Former Mixer Employee Calls Out Racism In Management

Over the weekend, former Mixer employee Milan Lee shared a blog describing his experiences with racism while working at Microsoft’s streaming platform, which was shut down today as part of a deal between Microsoft and Facebook. Lee’s post included allegations that he was singled out for being one of the few Black…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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How to Protest for Social Justice at Home With Your Kids

The world is in overwhelming flux right now. On one hand, you have a terrifying global pandemic; on the other, a society in the midst of a social injustice awakening. Many families want to be a part of the movement but are still apprehensive about venturing too far from their quarantine safe space.Read more… Continue […]

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Ditch These Racist Terms From Your Tech Vocabulary

The tech industry has a lot of work to do in the fight for racial justice and equality. But while hiring black employees and other under-represented minorities in the field is crucial, there are subtler issues that need to be addressed, too. That includes reflecting on and changing the racially insensitive terminology…Read more… Continue Reading […]

Continue Reading’s Anti-Racism Bundle Gave Me Space To Reflect, Rather Than Look Away

Earlier this week, online indie game store released a massive Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, with proceeds benefiting the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the ActBlue Community Bail Fund. The growing bundle, which now contains over 1,500 games, has raised over 5 million dollars so far.…Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Punisher’s Logo Can’t Be Turned Into a Symbol for Black Lives Matter or Real World Justice

For years now, American police officers and members of various branches of the American military have used Marvel Comics’ Punisher skull logo as a symbol to represent their own personal ideologies about what it means to be a person wielding a weapon. Those ideologies, interpreted through the lens of the logo, are…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Find Out How Many Confederate Monuments Are in Your Community With This Tool

Amid the tumult and anger of recent weeks, as police clashed with protesters demonstrating for reforms in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, the monuments to the Confederacy still standing throughout the south became targets. News stories abound of Confederate statues being defaced or toppled by protesters and …Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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