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How a Bargain-Basement Internet Conspiracy Theorist Rode the QAnon Wave to the Edge of Congress

At an indoor, largely maskless victory party in August, Marjorie Taylor Greene had a message for her detractors. Greene, a bargain-basement conspiracy theorist, had handily won her primary runoff, despite warnings from a handful of spooked Republican activists. In her heavily red corner of Georgia, the nomination…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Twitch Is Winning The Battle Against QAnon, Despite Only Suspending A Few Far-Right Channels

Earlier this month, Twitch temporarily suspended a channel called Patriots’ Soapbox. The channel is not enormous, generally pulling 20-50 concurrent viewers over the course of its 24/7 talk show-style streams, sometimes spiking into the 100 range. But Patriots’ Soapbox is notorious: Some credit the organization behind…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Qanon Claims Trump Will Fire Hundreds Of Thousands Of Federal Workers On Tuesday

Over the last few days, the QAnon crowd has been super excited over a new theory that’s risen from the fever swamp of stupiditiy that is the right wing fringe: Donald Trump engineered the shutdown so he could fire hundreds of thousands of government workers using something called a “Reduction In …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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HA Goodman Loses Debate To QAnon Guy

Over the past few years, the Banter has intermittently covered internet troll HA Goodman, a case study in what happens on the political fringes in America.  Goodman originally wrote hundreds of articles claiming Hillary Clinton would be indicted. Since then, he has evolved (or …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The worst things on the internet in 2018

And so draws to a close another year that we—all of us, willingly or not—spent online. If 2016 was a year defined by hating the year 2016, and 2017 was a year in which this vast disdain could only be quantified by categorizing and ranking the most loathsome things online, 2018 was—well, we’re not going […]

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