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PUBG’s Second Big Tournament Shows It Still Needs Work As An Esport

Over the weekend, 20 top PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds teams faced off at Intel Extreme Masters in Oakland, California. From inside a series of what we might call PlayerUnknown’s BattleCubicles, squads squabbled over a $200,000 prize pool. When the smoke cleared, a relatively unknown team took top honors, besting…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Giant Arenas Capture The Beautiful Chaos Of 100-Player Battlegrounds

This weekend, scores of players in Busan, South Korea, will compete in a LAN pulled from Ready, Player One’s wildest dreams. Stacked up in double-decker computer hubs, 100 competitors at a time will drop onto the abandoned island of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and scrap, shoot, and crawl until only one person is…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Small Change Impacts How Players Approach Cars In Battlegrounds

Entering a town is a defining moment in any Battlegrounds match. In open fields, you’re safe. You can see for miles, and shots are difficult to track over long distances. Enter a village or town, it’s different. Sixty alive. A car sits vacant in the street. Any other day a gambit, but today, it’s facing […]

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