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Rebecca Sugar Opens Up About How Healing from Trauma Shaped Steven Universe Future

After saving the Earth multiple times, learning the truth about his mother’s past, and bringing peace to the Gem homeworld, Steven Universe is finally being forced to confront the kinds of personal demons that he’s never really had the time to in the past. The experience is proving to be the most difficult challenge…Read more… […]

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Are Trigger Warnings Helpful?

You’ve probably seen trigger warnings on posts online, or recall the announcement before some TV shows that “viewer discretion is advised.” Trigger warnings are also sometimes used in classrooms, and a recent study has re-ignited a debate about whether they are useful or counterproductive. Here’s what we know about…Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Cope With the Current News Cycle as a Sexual Abuse Survivor

The current wave of sexual abuse news is causing thoughtful people everywhere to feel disgust, sadness and rage on behalf of those victimized. But for some of us who have endured such violence, the relentless coverage and subsequent backlash are taking us to an even more disturbing place. Here, we take a look at how…Read […]

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FDA pushes MDMA to Phase II testing, identifies drug as “breakthrough” in PTSD treatment

Officials have long contemplated ecstasy’s ability to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — since 2011, to be exact. And yet, while the drug has demonstrated positive results in its ability to alleviate PTSD symptoms in the time since, including flashbacks and mental/emotional stress, it is only now that the US FDA has pushed MDMA to […]

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New research supports MDMA use to treat PTSD

The realm of medicine is vast, and all the answers for the world’s problems lie somewhere; though, some are hidden better than others. Paid research studies have been conducted over the years looking into the possibility of MDMA aiding patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is an ailment that, according to […]

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