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Here’s Seven Minutes of Shadow of the Colossus On PS4 Pro

When it was originally released in 2005 on the Playstation 2, Fumito Ueda’s Shadow of the Colossus was a technically ambitious game. The game revolves around a sword-wielding hero named Wander on his quest to resurrect a young woman by travelling on horseback across the vast “Forbidden Land” killing 16 giant colossi.…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Fallout 4 Looks Better On Xbox One X But Runs Slightly Smoother On PS4 Pro

The Xbox One X update for Fallout 4 arrived this week, and while Microsoft’s machine delivers the best-looking un-modded version of the game on a console, Digital Foundry’s in-depth comparison found the PlayStation 4 Pro’s version ran a tiny bit smoother. That’s the difference full 4K makes.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Amazon’s Running an Unexpected $100 Discount on the Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle

We were expecting $50 discounts on the PS4 Pro for Black Friday. You know, the one that doesn’t come with any games. But we definitely weren’t expecting a $100 dicsount on the Destiny 2 Limited Edition Bundle. $350 is the going Black Friday rate for the standard console, so as long as you don’t hate […]

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Wrapping My PlayStation 4 In Wood

Oregon-based company Toast makes covers for phones, laptops, tablets and game consoles out of real wood. When they asked me if I’d like to give their PS4 Pro cover a try, I said, “Sure.” When they asked if I wanted anything etched on it, I said, “I like squirrels. And Marvel’s Squirrel Girl.” Read more… […]

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Prey Adds Noticeable PS4 Pro Features, Despite Advertising Them Weeks Ago

When Prey first came out, players were confused to find that, despite coming in a box that claimed the game was “PS4 Pro Enhanced,” it did not look or play measurably better on PS4 Pro. Same resolution, same framerate, same options. Now, however, Bethesda’s finally added some bells and whistles.Read more… Continue Reading at

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