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Blistering Report Finds Bernie Sanders’ “Our Revolution” An Internal Mess

After losing the Democratic nomination in 2016, Bernie Sanders started Our Revolution, an organization devoted to grassroots organizing and raising the profiles of progressive candidates. However, today’s POLITICO article by Edward-Isaac Dovere paints a bleak picture of an organization that may …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Reeking Of Privilege, “Brogressives” Are Still Ranting About Hillary And The Democratic Party’s “Fascism”

When you’re safe from the social and economic depredations of Trump and the GOP, you’re free to wallow in privilege and ignorance. Tough luck for everyone else, though, right? It’s been over a year since Donald Trump was sworn in as president. Since then, he has done more to damage to the …Continue reading Continue […]

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A Guide to Progressive Grassroots Organizations

This last year has been hard for anyone with a working brain, given how every day under our Russian stooge of a President and the hypocrites in his party produces some new nightmare. But hope is not lost, as several organizations have risen to prominence to help us take back power, not just in 2018 […]

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4 Major Lessons Democrats Must Take From the Georgia Special Election

There are many ways to look at what happened in the special election for a Georgia house seat on Tuesday night. Republican Karen Handel beat her Democrat opponent Jon Ossof in the traditionally red district for the seat vacated by current Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. Republicans …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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