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KitchenAid Unveils New All-Terrain Rolling Pin

BENTON HARBOR, MI—Calling the rugged utensil a necessity for those who bake as hard as they live, KitchenAid on Thursday unveiled its new all-terrain rolling pin. “The DuraDough rolling pin features a larger cylinder diameter lined with specialized treads to take on heavy-duty dough prep,” said company spokesperson…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Peanut Packets Possibly Prevent Peanut Allergies—As Does Peanut Butter, Probably

Feeding a baby small amounts of peanuts may reduce their chances of developing a peanut allergy. The FDA recently announced that peanut-containing foods can trumpet this claim on their labels, and you’ll see it soon on an odd product called Hello Peanut. Read more… Continue Reading at

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