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Trump’s “Pro-Life” UN Delegation Is So Extreme, Even Iran Thinks They’re Crazy

While we’re focused on the big ticket items like the Mueller probe and Michael Cohen’s impending polonium poisoning, it’s important to keep track of all the other horrible things Trump is doing if for no other reason than to keep conservatives from claiming they were innocent victims of …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Arizona Republicans Are Using Shaming Tactics To Stop Abortions

Republican lawmakers in Arizona put forth Senate Bill 1394 that seeks to require more information about why a woman is getting an abortion. There are 11 proposed check boxes for women to look over and decide what best suits their decision to end their pregnancy. Reasons include: rape, extramarital …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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If Roy Moore Wins, The Pro-Life Movement in America is Finished

For anyone who has spent time in rural America, the notion that the pro-life movement is going to disappear in the near future is completely ridiculous. It is well funded, well organized and as culturally acceptable in red states and rural areas as gay marriage is in San Francisco. However, the …Continue reading Continue Reading […]

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