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Look at All These Celebrities Fighting Climate Change With Private Jets!

At the end of July, a fleet of private jets and luxury “super yachts” descended on Italy for Google Camp, a conference cum party to fight climate change. Guests in attendance—described as the brightest minds of our time—included billionaires and celebrities. I’d ask why we’d entrust the future of our planet to the…Read more… Continue […]

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Royal wedding hipsters take note: Prince Harry and Meagan Markle’s ceremony to be released on vinyl

Vinyl’s hot right now, and though the resurgence does, in fact, allude to a long-term shift in the record market, apparently, it also alludes to significant market expansion — royal nuptials. That’s right folks, we’re talking the union of strangers. Coming to a record player near you is the upcoming union of Prince Harry and Meagan […]

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Prince Harry Is Teaching Future Princess Meghan Markle To Drive Stick For Emergencies

Some people think that when you start doing something new, you should start with the easiest aspect of it as possible. Not true. If you start on Level 10, you become an expert that much faster. Which is why I commend soon-to-be member of the British royal family Meghan Markle on her decision to both […]

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To Avoid a Trump Temper Tantrum, the British Gov’t is Begging Prince Harry Not to Invite Obama to His Wedding

There’s a recurring theme in American science fiction shows where the diplomats from other worlds are obnoxious or extremely high maintenance, requiring the main characters (a stand in for America no matter how far in the future it’s set) to cater to their every whim. This theme stems from the …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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Breitbart Readers Weigh in on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Engagement With Vicious Racism

As much as attempts to portray itself as a respectable publication catering to the “silent majority”, it has and always will be a front for vicious white supremacy. The editorial team at the Alt Right cesspit have struck upon a clever ruse that keeps enough advertisers on the site …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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