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What’s Closed on President’s Day

It’s President’s Day! The day officially honors the birthday of the nation’s first President, George Washington. In fact, the holiday is technically called Washington’s Birthday. It’s a federal holiday, which means not only will a lot of people have the day off from work on Monday (3-day weekend FTW!), a lot of…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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The Real History of President’s Day

Today is President’s Day, a holiday celebrated every year on the third Monday in February. It’s a day to honor all of our great nation’s presidents, but it started out as a celebration of one president in particular. I’ll give you a hint: he chopped down his dad’s cherry tree (not really), he had wooden […]

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Watch Out For Fake Car Deals This Presidents’ Day Weekend

Since 2018 is predicted to be a slower year for car sales, dealers are pulling out all the stops to get you into the showroom. Presidents’ weekend is usually a big time for car buying, but some of these so-called deals don’t really offer the yuuuge savings you would expect.Read more… Continue Reading at

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