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What You Should Do If Someone ‘Steals’ Your Baby Name

You’ve had the perfect baby name picked out for years. For as long as you can remember, you vowed your baby girl would one day be named Molly Elizabeth. And damned if your best friend from high school—who KNOWS this—didn’t just announce that her brand new baby girl’s name is (shockingly!) Molly Elizabeth. Read more… […]

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How to Make Childbirth (Slightly) Less Terrifying

When I was pregnant with my son nine years ago, I remember being a little nervous about the process of actually giving birth. Hahahahaha, just kidding, I was petrified. While all the other pregnant women from my “new moms group” were gushing about the “natural, med-free birth” they dreamt of, I was like, “Holy hell,…Read […]

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I’m New Yorker Cartoonist Emily Flake, and This Is How I Parent 

On topics from under-boob sweat to Mayochup, Emily Flake has a lot to say. Or, rather, draw. The award-winning cartoonist went from running her comic strip “Lulu Eightball” in alt-weeklies across the country (the jokes were “too vulgar for grown-up publications,” she has said) to regularly drawing for The New Yorker.…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Try These Sports Psychology Techniques to Get Through Childbirth

I once ran a marathon and gave birth to a baby in the same year, and found them to be, mentally, very similar events. In both cases it doesn’t hurt too much in the beginning, but you know you have to save your strength. You will hit a point where you feel your body can […]

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How to Get a Free Breast Pump Through Your Insurance  

No sound transports me back to haze of new parenthood quite like the rhythmic hum of a breast pump. What at first looked to me like a modern torture device quickly became an essential tool in allowing my daughter to be breastfed—it increased my milk supply, relieved pressure, and let me build up a freezer […]

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