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The Most Futuristic Developments We Can Expect in the Next 10 Years

With the decade winding down it’s time for us to set our sights on the next one. The 2020s promises to be anything but dull. From the automation revolution and increasingly dangerous AI to geohacking the planet and radical advances in biotechnology, here are the most futuristic developments to expect in the next 10…Read more… […]

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Here’s What People Thought of Amazon When It First Launched in the Mid-1990s

Amazon was founded on July 5, 1994, and launched its online store in 1995, letting people buy books from the comfort of their homes. Twenty-five years after its inception, Amazon now sells everything from taco holders shaped like dinosaurs to tongue brushes that humans can use to lick their cats. And you’d have to be…Read […]

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This Solar Lawnmower Was the Dangerous Future of American Summers in 1959

Robotic lawnmowers are fairly mainstream these days, even if they don’t have much market share yet. But they’ve been a long time coming. We’ve been promised solar-powered semi-autonomous lawnmowers for decades. This Sunday comic strip from 1959 predicted the rise of these machines, but also pointed at the problem with…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Automotive Predictions For 2018 That Are Absolutely Maybe Going To Happen

I’m feeling really good about the neural-enhancement chip I had that guy behind the CVS install in my brain. I just set the switch to PRESCIENCE on the (wired, unfortunately) remote, and it’s already started flooding my cyber-enhanced mind with visions of our automotive future! I’m going to get these down here as fast…Read more… […]

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Jack Ma Predicts People Will Work Just 16 Hours Per Week by 2047

Jack Ma, the billionaire businessman and chairman of the Alibaba Group, believes that automation will help workers of the future enjoy more leisure time. In fact, he sees a future where people will be working just 16 hours per week by 2047.Read more… Continue Reading at

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