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This Movie Tribute Chrysler LeBaron Got Burned to a Crisp for Snow Domination

While some of you were cowering away from last week’s polar vortex, one pair of cousins was driving straight into it in a lovingly crafted replica of the burnt-out rental car from the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Just like in the movie, there was no fabric top left to protect them from nature’s worst. […]

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Why Modern Diesel Cars Start Easily Even in This Historic Winter

Owning a diesel car in America is definitely an unusual experience. Besides panicked gas station attendants running towards me yelling “No, miss! That pump is diesel!” and me saying “No shit, idiot,” I am most often asked if I’m worried about starting my diesel in the cold.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How Airlines in the Midwest Are Protecting Workers From Extreme Cold

If you’re one of the unfortunate souls who is obligated to travel in this polar vortex’s extreme temperatures, you’re probably pretty concerned about showing up to the airport only to discover that your flight has been delayed or cancelled. But there are still folks turning up to work every day in subzero temperatures…Read more… Continue […]

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What Are ‘Frost Quakes’? 

Temperatures across the United States plummeted today, with parts of the Midwest experiencing wind chills of 40, 50, even 60 degrees below zero—and that’s in Fahrenheit. As if frozen pipes and frostbite weren’t dangerous enough, some folks are learning about one of the rarer, scarier side effects of super-cold…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Remember When Rush Limbaugh Declared The Polar Vortex A Liberal “Hoax?”

The right has made a denying climate change a centerpiece of what passes for their ideology for years. But few of them have made themselves look quite as stupid as Rush Limbaugh. The Midwest is about to be slammed with some of the coldest weather on record and people are going to die. With …Continue […]

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Chicago is So Ridiculously Cold That the Railroad Tracks Need to Be On Fire to Keep the Trains Moving

There are over 140,000 miles of privately-owned standard-gauge rail in the United States, vital to the transportation of billions of tons of freight and people. Occasionally, it gets really cold where some of those train tracks sit. Like right now, in Chicago, where Wednesday’s high temperature is expected to be…Read more… Continue Reading at

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