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Should We Care About Video Game Companies Collecting Our Data?

Video games often ask us to share our data with the developers. Sometimes, games and other apps bury this question in a long privacy policy that you have to agree to in order to even load it up. And sometimes, that data gets sold or repurposed for mysterious ends. Kirk and I admitted how anxious […]

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Pokémon GO Lawsuit Settlement Might Lead To Some Pokéstops And Gyms Being Removed

Pokémon GO creator Niantic is looking to end a lawsuit that was first started back in 2016, during the height of Pokémon GO’s popularity. The suit was filed by numerous homeowners who believed the company had caused players to trespass onto their property to catch Pokémon or activate Pokéstops.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Trainer Battles Make Pokémon Go Finally Feel Complete

Pokémon Go is ready to expand once again with the upcoming addition of trainer battles, offering the first real head-to-head competition the game has seen since it launched in 2016. Last week, Niantic invited Kotaku to try out this new mode at their offices, and much like the game itself, these battles are a little… […]

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Prosecutor: Father Of Kid Rescued By ‘Real-Life Spider-Man’ Was Playing Pokémon Go

A Malian immigrant heroically rescued a four-year-old Parisian child dangling from a balcony on Monday with Spider-Man-like nimbleness. Today, we got an answer to the million-dollar question, “Where were his parents?” According to authorities, the parent he lives with, his father, was out catching Pokémon.Read more… Continue Reading at

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