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In Afterparty, You Die As You Lived: Confused But Happy To Take A Beer

Afterparty, the latest from Oxenfree developer Night School Studio, is out October 29 (and rated M for Mature, like all the best night clubs). It’s a story-based adventure game written in the snarky spirit of its point-and-click predecessors, full to bursting both with witty one-liners and signs that the writers maybe…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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The First And Only King Of The Hill Video Game Came Out 19 Years Ago And It’s Boring

King of The Hill was on for from 1997 to 2010, aired over 250 episodes, won two Emmy awards and has been called one of the best-animated shows of all time. Yet unlike The Simpsons, which received many games across multiple platforms, the world was only granted one King Of The Hill video game and […]

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Play the Free Fan-Made Sequel to the Adventure Game ‘Day of the Tentacle’

Windows, Mac: There’s something delightful about the old LucasArts ScummVM games: the beautiful environments, the crafty puzzles, and the incredible voice-overs (for the games that weren’t just text captions over moving mouths).Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Butler Does Everything In This Ridiculous Free Murder Mystery

Looking for a good old-fashioned point-and-click adventure to while away a couple of hours over the weekend? How about the tale of an exasperated British butler attempting to prove the worst person possible innocent of murder? That’s The Adventures of Nick and Willikins, a very funny, very free PC game available now…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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The Sequel To That Netflix and Chill Game Is Better Than The First

Dating, for the most part, sucks. You spend your time searching for a decent, interesting human being to spend time with while navigating creeps who hit on you just because you’re wearing a Spiderman shirt (true story). But the game Flix and Chill 2: Millennials will remind you that while dating is difficult, finding…Read more… […]

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