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What You Should Know If Your Kid Loves Toy Guns 

Is gun play a bad thing? Parents sometimes find it unnerving when they hear shouts of “Bang! Bang!” coming from the top of the staircase and discover their children engaged in full pretend battle. But kids are looking through a different lens than adults. Toy guns—cardboard, Nerf, or otherwise—can be a prop to explore…Read more… […]

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Why I Play

In the first years of my career as a games writer, I got used to a certain reaction from my parents’ friends when they were told about what I was doing for a living. It was usually along the lines of “what a waste”. I imagined them shaking their heads as if they’d just been […]

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Let Kids Play With Junk 

My four-year-old daughter has a beautiful wooden dollhouse that she got for Christmas last year. She plays with the dolls and furniture inside, but what has been most fascinating are the home upgrades she’s added using… trash. A junk-mail catalogue clipping has become the TV. Some old bottle caps are now a backyard…Read more… Continue […]

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What to Say to Kids Instead of “Be Careful” 

I tell my four-year-old daughter to “be careful” so often that I’ve abbreviated it to “caref.” It become an instinctual tick. [She’s about to climb out of the bathtub.] “Caref.” [She’s swimming near the pool rail.] “Caref.” [Her knee is really close to her baby cousin’s face.] “Caref.” [She’s skipping inside a…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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