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Google’s Pixel Buds Aren’t Even Close to Being Good

There was always something off about the Pixel Buds. Google released the smart, wireless headphones a full year after Apple released the AirPods. But the Pixel Buds aren’t exactly wireless, and they’re not exactly smart, either. In fact, after spending a few days with the product, I’m prepared to say it: the Pixel…Read more… Continue […]

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Google’s new Pixel Buds can translate 40 languages in real time

Google’s Pixel Buds are poised to shatter the concept of language barriers.The tech giant’s first attempt at wireless ear buds, the Pixel Buds will be compatible with Google’s not yet released Pixel 2 smartphone. But these ear buds aren’t just for music—the Pixel Buds will work in sync with Google Translate to allow users to […]

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Everything Google Announced Today

Google announced some new hardware at a characteristically low key event in San Francisco on Wednesday. Nearly everything had been leaked ahead of the event, but there were a few surprises—some more exciting than others. Inevitably, one thing seemed clear: Google wants to be a gadget company, too.Read more… Continue Reading at

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