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‘My Partner Pikachu’ Is A Cold Hard Plastic Pokénomaton, But I Still Love Him

My Partner Pikachu is not a soft stuffed animal. He is not warm nor is he snuggly. He is an electronic interactive toy. He is plastic, stuffed with circuits, batteries, LED lights, and speakers, all held together with cold metal screws. He makes Pikachu noises while his arms and ears wave and his cheeks glow. […]

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I Have Several Issues With This Year’s Halloween Pokémon Toys

Pikachu as Mimikyu. Charmander as Cubone. Lucario and Celebi as live-action role-players. This year’s batch of special Halloween-themed “Pumpkin Parade” plushies from The Pokémon Company are adorable at first glance. But if you look closely, the cute facade begins to crumble. Let’s start with Charmander wearing…Read more… Continue Reading at

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How the Pokémon Games (and Even Avengers: Infinity War) Influenced Detective Pikachu’s Wild Climax

Detective Pikachu is already a pretty weird movie—it’s a noir film for kids starring outlandish creatures, one of which wears an incredibly adorable deerstalker hat. But it takes an even weirder turn for its climactic third act. A turn that required VFX studio MCP to explore not only the games for inspiration, but…Read more… Continue […]

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Detective Pikachu Is A Good Movie

Based on the Nintendo 3DS game by the same name, Pokémon Detective Pikachu is the first live-action Pocket Monster adaptation. Hollywood has an abysmal track record with video game movies, but this time, it seems to have pulled off the impossible: Making an enjoyable live-action Pokémon movie that will delight fans…Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Fans Are Buzzing About A Possible Pokémon Switch Leak 

Seemingly every big Pokémon game leaks ahead of time, and a new generation of entries may follow suit. Over the last few days, a series of online posts purporting knowledge of the next major pocket monsters game have caught fire within the Pokémon community. If real, these leaks promise Pokémon games that are…Read more… Continue […]

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