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Mario’s Super Picross, Diddy’s Kong Quest Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo just announced the latest round of games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, and alongside Diddy’s Kong Quest is a nice surprise: Mario’s Super Picross, a game that had previously only been officially released in Japan and then later PAL (Europe + Australasia) territories.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Games Should Make Creating Just As Satisfying As Destroying

I’ve had a lot of fun with The Last of Us Part II, especially its more gruesome gameplay elements. As awful as it feels to admit, Naughty Dog made virtual murder fun. There’s a great sense of accomplishment in sneaking up on a pair of enemies, grabbing one, headshotting the other, and executing your captive […]

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If You Like Picross You’re A Good Person And Will Probably Enjoy Depixtion

Picross is a wonderful series of games in which players use logic to create dubious pixel art using numbers and grids. In Depixtion, recently released for the Nintendo Switch, each level is three Picross-style puzzles of varying colors and shades coming together to create dubious pixel art. It’s deep dish Picross with…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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 I Just Unlocked A 2016 Nintendo Game In The Silliest Way Possible

I was recently reminded that Nintendo’s “My Nintendo” rewards program has a single reward that I want. I’ve wanted for two years, actually. I figured it was about time I claimed it, and if I had to click on a bunch of websites along the way, so be it.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The next Picross game, Picross S2, is out on Switch next week.

The next Picross game, Picross S2, is out on Switch next week. It’s already the second of these picture-creating puzzle games on Switch. Help, some of us are so far behind in our Picross! But… this one has some sort of “story” mode. More details at the game’s official site.Read more… Continue Reading at

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