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More Games Need Loading Screens Like Dragon Quest Builders 2

Loading screens often suck. They are a necessary part of playing large and complex video games, but they often break the flow of a game. Sometimes games find fun or interesting things to do with these waits. Dragon Quest Builders 2 uses these screens to showcase user creations and I love it so much.Read more… […]

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Fallout 76’s New Camera Quest Helped Me Fall In Love With The Game’s Broken Beauty

Fallout 76’s world is lonely. Despite being a multiplayer game, it hosts just a couple dozen people around a sprawling map in any session you play. Other Fallout games might have a lot of computer-controlled civilians to chat with. Not this one. All of the non-player characters died long ago, or mutated beyond…Read more… Continue […]

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Far Cry 5 Gets Photo Mode In Latest Update But Not Much Else

A little over three months since release, Far Cry 5 finally has a photo mode. I had issues with the game, but its sprawling, coniferous forests and beautiful Montana sunsets were not among them. A photo mode feels like a no brainer. Unfortunately, the rest of this update serves more as a reminder of everything […]

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