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How to Boost Your Monday Mood with Dogs and Google

It’s Monday, and the cruel master that is Daylight Saving Time has stolen 60 of your precious minutes, meaning you’re probably not cranking out TPS reports at work as fast as usual. Since you’re already costing your employer billions of dollars, why not take a break and engage in some self-care with Google’s Pup View…Read […]

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Your Essential Oil Diffuser Might Be Making Your Pets Sick

The one time I really tend to wish my pets could talk is when they’re sick. Pet illnesses can seem so vague and amorphous, sometimes—a little puking here, some weird lethargy there—and it can be hard to tell the difference between a little under the weather and the start of a serious problem.Read more… Continue […]

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Stop Feeding Your Pets Raw Meat

An emerging trend among pet owners is the practice of feeding dogs and cats raw meat. This idea is that we should put our domestic cats and dogs on diets that more closely approximate what they might eat in nature. New research from Europe shows the surprising degree to which germs and parasites can be […]

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