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How to Socialize an Adult Dog

Dogs who are past their puppy years may be set in their ways—but that doesn’t mean that training them is a lost cause. Whether you adopt or foster an adult dog, depending on their background, socializing them might be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Signs that your dog is not socialized can be over-excitement…Read more… […]

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How to Give Your Cat a Bath

There are many things about owning a cat that are easy and stress-free. Cats are solitary creatures, and don’t generally require the same levels of constant attention and emotional support as dogs. They’re wanderers whose nocturnal sleep cycles give them obscene bursts of energy very late at night. They poop in a box…Read more… Continue […]

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Don’t Fall For These Pet Adoption Scams

Even under normal circumstances, people tend to get lonely during the holidays, but buying a pet to fill an emotional void is especially in vogue this year as we enter a festive season while in the throes of a raging pandemic. Unfortunately, thousands of lonely Americans scanning the internet for a quarantine pet are…Read more… […]

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