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Fox News Is Having An Existential Meltdown After Confirming Trump Wanted to Fire Mueller

An amazing thing is happening over at Fox News in the wake of the report yesterday that Donald Trump attempted to fire Robert Mueller back in June of last year. Parroting the president’s assertion that it was a “typical New York Times fake story” hosts on the network immediately dismissed it is …Continue reading Continue […]

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Fox Host Pete Hegseth Wins Award For Dumbest Comment in History of Humankind

Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth apparently wasn’t paying attention during history classes during school. Either that or he has willfully ignored the lessons about his country’s atrocious history of ethnic genocide, slavery, and human rights abuses. On a truly mind bending rant on Fox & …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trump Supporters Use “Globalist” as a Slur, But Don’t Know What it Means

In response to the Banter’s Alyona Minkovski’s piece on Pete Hegseth’s atrocious interview with Donald Trump on Fox News, Hegseth took to twitter to call us “#FakeNews” and labeled Alyona an “elitist, globalist, Leftist” who is “posing” as a journalist: If anyone took Fox News seriously, the …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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