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Youth Lacrosse Coach Gets His Team All Rowdy With Pregame Speech About Fortnite

While some lacrosse coaches might rend their garments over their players’ obsessions with the video game Fortnite, others are using it to their advantage. A reader sent in this clip of a Pennsylvania eighth-grade lacrosse coach who last weekend gave a pregame speech full of popular references to pump up the youths.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Blistering Report Finds Bernie Sanders’ “Our Revolution” An Internal Mess

After losing the Democratic nomination in 2016, Bernie Sanders started Our Revolution, an organization devoted to grassroots organizing and raising the profiles of progressive candidates. However, today’s POLITICO article by Edward-Isaac Dovere paints a bleak picture of an organization that may …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Hillary Clinton Attacked for Telling the Truth About Her Loss

In the 2016 campaign, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was criticized for…well, everything, but in particular for her remarks that half of Donald Trump’s voters could be thrown into the “basket of deplorables” for their racism and misogyny. She wasn’t wrong – look at this video from The …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Is Impeaching Trump A “Distraction” That Will Hurt The Country?

A newspaper in Pennsylvania has come up with possibly the most insulting rationale to endorse a Republican candidate over a Democrat imaginable: A Democratic House will impeach Trump and that’s just bad for America for…reasons: “If Mr. Lamb, 33, wins, it could well be the start of a Democratic …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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“State’s Rights” Republicans Are Begging SCOTUS To Stop Pennsylvania From Ending Gerrymandering

UPDATE: Literally as I was posting this article, word came down that Justice Alito rejected the plea of the PA GOP to preserve their unconstitutional congressional map. Republicans are running out of legal options to forestall the loss of their precious map. Now we’ll see if they resort to illegal …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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Listen to Wiz Khalifa’s Version of Childish Gambino Hit “Redbone”, “Stay Stoned”

Wiz Khalifa is back to follow up his Drake-inspired weedmix “Passit” with a KK injected remix of his own to the popular to Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” titled, “Stay Stoned”. In support of his new weed app, ‘Weed Farm’ and his highly-anticipated upcoming sequel EP, ‘Rolling Papers 2’. Wiz gets very personal on this remix as […]

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