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I Doped Like Maria Sharapova And It Was Actually Pretty Great

I have some personal news I’d like to share: I’m doping. With performance-enhancing drugs, even. The same kind that got tennis star Maria Sharapova banned from the professional tour for 15 months, and the reason she needs tournaments like the US Open—which starts today in New York—to offer her wildcard entries so she…Read more… Continue […]

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MEMBERS ONLY: Icarus – A Look into Russia’s Crimes of the Heart

The Banter Long Read: Icarus, Bryan Fogel’s new documentary out on Netflix, is a compelling look inside an aspect of Putin’s Russia that’s gotten a bit lost in the shuffle amidst all the news coming out about their election meddling: their history of using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) in …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The Story Behind The Iconic Photos Of The Olympics’ Dirtiest Record

When Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson faced off in the 100-meter finals at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the race to determine the world’s fastest human was the marquee event of the Games. It was America vs. Canada; the lithe Lewis against the hulking Johnson; the reigning Olympic champ against the reigning world champ; Lewis’s…Read more… […]

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