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The GOP’s Newest Nazi Candidate Just Doubled Down on His Antisemitism

If you don’t know who Paul Nehlen is yet, you really need to keep an eye on this one. He’s running what could very well be the prototype campaign for the coming wave of white nationalist GOP candidates that are going to primary “establishment” Republicans in much the same way the Tea Party did. …Continue […]

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This Proud Nazi Republican is Now Having Divinely Inspired Dreams

Remember Paul Nehlen, the Republican candidate looking to unseat Paul Ryan? He’s the nice businessman from Wisconsin who recently decided to come out of the Nazi closet and tell Trump’s voters that he thinks Jews are a dangerous threat to the vaunted white race. But Nehlen is not content to just be …Continue reading Continue […]

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Republican Candidate Goes Full Nazi: Jews “Pretend” to be White to Undermine the White Race

Before Trump “won” the 2016 election, it was obvious that even if he lost, the Republican Party had irrevocably shifted from the party of dog whistle racism to the party of open white nationalism. After the election, the question wasn’t “if” they would start fielding candidates that openly used …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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