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How, if You’re a Man, to Deal With the Fact That You’re Probably Trash

The one thing I keep coming back to when thinking about Louis C.K. now isn’t the bizarre and abusive sexual habits revealed, in detail, last week by the New York Times—repeated forms of sexual misconduct that confirm the long-standing rumors about him and validate platforms such as Gawker, who first reported on this…Read more… Continue […]

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Do Not Follow In The Footsteps Of Norway’s Crown Prince By Marrying A Single Mom

If proof were ever needed that marrying a commoner with a ‘colourful past’ is an extremely dangerous undertaking, look no further than the antics of the Norwegian royal family on their balcony in Oslo. Princess Mette-Marit, a former tart, and her dweeb husband stand with the gauche reverence of nouveau riche parents at a posh […]

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