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Don’t Depend on Google Assistant to Remember Your Parking Spot

Thanks to Google Assistant, you’ll never lose your car in the parking lot again—but you shouldn’t be losing it anyway, as you’ll get better accuracy if you remember to tell your smartphone where your parking spot is before you leave your car.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Downsides of Street Parking Your Car

I can’t remember when I first noticed the scratches on my rear bumper, which run the gamut from understandable little nicks to more violent gashes, but when I finally did the sheer volume and variety stood out. Sometime ago the bumper cover also became dislodged, necessitating tape to keep it attached at speed.…Read more… Continue […]

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New Orleans Saints Player Helps Rescue Man After SUV Falls From Parking Garage

Mitchell Loewen, the 25 year old defensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints football team, was part of a group of bystanders that helped rescue a man who became trapped in his Mercedes G-Class after it drove over the edge of a parking garage Sunday afternoon.Read more… Continue Reading at

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German Homeowner Buys Two Smart Cars Just To Keep People From Parking Near Driveway

There’s a homeowner in Dusseldorf’s well-to-do Oberkassel neighborhood that came up with what might be one of the most expensive solutions do deal with the problem of people parking too close to his driveway: he bought two cars, just to keep them parked on either side of the driveway, like bookends.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Here’s Why Alternate Side Parking Gets Suspended When It Snows

New York City is in the midst of an entirely regular snowstorm that nonetheless has inspired the media to perform some silly stunts. One of the many positive things about the snow, though, from a driver’s perspective, is that the city has suspended alternate side parking regulations, meaning you can keep your car…Read more… Continue […]

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