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This British Supermarket Chain’s Archive Is Filled With Great Car Pictures

Somewhere in London’s Docklands is an archive. It holds a lot of artifacts, documents, and images that tell the story of Sainsbury’s, a supermarket chain unknown to most of us but likely awful familiar to the Brits out there. But there’s more. There are cars. Well, pictures of them.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Don’t Depend on Google Assistant to Remember Your Parking Spot

Thanks to Google Assistant, you’ll never lose your car in the parking lot again—but you shouldn’t be losing it anyway, as you’ll get better accuracy if you remember to tell your smartphone where your parking spot is before you leave your car.Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Downsides of Street Parking Your Car

I can’t remember when I first noticed the scratches on my rear bumper, which run the gamut from understandable little nicks to more violent gashes, but when I finally did the sheer volume and variety stood out. Sometime ago the bumper cover also became dislodged, necessitating tape to keep it attached at speed.…Read more… Continue […]

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