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Mario 64 Experts Discover An Even Shorter Way To Beat Level Without Jumping 

Last year, YouTuber pannenkoek2012, someone who knows more about Super Mario 64 than most people ever will, finally found a way to collect a star on the level Watch for Rolling Rocks without fully jumping. The video blew up both because of how extraordinary and esoteric the accomplishment was and how in-depth…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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YouTube’s Mario 64 Genius Sounds Overwhelmed With His Popularity

Since 2015, pannenkoek2012's extremely detailed videos about Super Mario 64 have become notorious. His phrases about parallel universes and half-button presses have become well-known memes on the internet. Despite millions of views, however, pannenkoek2012 seems to be going through something of late, and his audience…Read more… Continue Reading at

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