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Test Out Your Next Nail Polish Color With an Augmented Reality App 

I got my nails done a few weeks ago, and it felt great, but I highly recommend trying Wanna Nails (iOS, Android) before you head into the salon so you aren’t fumbling around with color choices. And if you’re more a DIY person for nail maintenance, you can avoid purchasing a color you end up […]

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Where to See More Work by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, the Obamas’ Portraitists

The reveal of the Obamas’ official portraits earlier this week evoked a lot of strong feelings, aesthetic and political—not to mention a reminder of how the aesthetic and political are intertwined. But my strongest reaction was: Oh damn I need to see these paintings and more work by these artists in real life.Read more… Continue […]

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Paintball Game Brings Out Your Inner Artist

Joy Exhibition is a freeform art game in which the player must communicate with a mute alien race by painting. They are given a blank canvas, a massive arsenal of procedurally generated paint guns, and free rein to create whatever art they can think of.Read more… Continue Reading at

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