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This Is a Great Red

Bright colors on cars are always a good thing, but occasionally you come across a particular shade that just stops you in your tracks. This morning, it’s the deep red on this Bentley Continental GT convertible Number 1 Edition. It’s a special edition paint on a special edition car and it is lovely.Read more… Continue […]

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Volkswagen Should Absolutely Make Rabbit Confetti a Factory Paint Option

During this weekend’s Southern Worthersee, Volkswagen debuted a slew of mildly modified new cars to the gathered Euro Tuner crowd. VW wants to lean in to the whole scene, and show off the concepts to folks who might be willing to perform these modifications to their own new Volkswagens. It’s like dressing your house…Read more… […]

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Watching Old Paint Gently Peel Off a Car Thanks to Paint Stripper Is Deeply Satisfying

On my Facebook timeline yesterday, I spotted a post by a man stripping the paint off of his Jeep J20 pickup—and my gosh was he doing a fine job. “Which products are you using?” I asked. His response sent me down a rabbit hole of incredible videos showing paint being peeled from old cars with […]

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The Only Phoenix Yellow 2018 Honda Civic Type R Looks Strikingly Sharp

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R’s quintessential color is Championship White, but Phoenix Yellow has also been a Type R signature in the past. Remember how good it looked on the Integra Type R? Well, somebody went through the trouble of properly respraying a Civic in factory-correct yellow and it’s actually pretty awesome.Read more… Continue […]

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