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Slushii closes out 2018 with release of sophomore album, ‘DREAM’

Sophomore albums represent an opportunity for artists to delve deeper into their respective sounds and to refine or even redevelop their sonic styles. Slushii‘s second full-length album, DREAM, arrives as the product of much in-studio introspection, which is audible in each one of the project’s 16 tracks. The contemplative nature of DREAM, however, will be unsurprising […]

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Slushii showcases ability to produce multiple genres in debut album, ‘Out of Light’

Many artists are focusing on releasing singles as opposed to full albums, given the shift away from CDs toward radio hits and streaming. Slushii has decided to go all in and released a 13-track album, Out of Light, on Aug. 4.Slushii experiments with multiple genres finding a way to infuse his signature style with each experimentation in his […]

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