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Premiere: Billy Kenny – Seahorses (Original Mix)

Idiosyncrasy is key, and in an era of increasing musical vapidity, so are taking risks. Luckily, there are artists like Billy Kenny. Kenny’s risks and off-kilter style are helping pave the way for a zany breed of post-EDM. With a style that’s akin to a new age of the Dirtybird flock, both prolific and distinct in his deliverances, Kenny’s a […]

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PatrickReza – Overdrive (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Attempting to capture a feeling that he experienced while watching Justice perform their new live show, PatrickReza delivers “Overdrive,” a track that hits hard on many different levels. Electro-house rhythms and basses layer flawlessly with sophisticated melodies that bring the track together and give it a solid sense of continuity throughout.During Justice’s Sunday night set at Coachella, PatrickReza says […]

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TastyTreat – Selfish ft. Marco Foster (Original Mix)

Once again, LA-based duo TastyTreat prove that they are at the top of game when it comes to R&B-inspired electronic music. With their latest original, “Selfish,” the duo tap Marco Foster for silky vocals and he delivers another spectacular performance that flawlessly fits TastyTreat’s smooth production style.A minimal arrangement leaves space for the track and Foster’s voice in particular, to […]

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